CHILDHOOD of Adam Levine
Boy Adam was born in Los Angeles. Michael - his brother. My parents were divorced, they have new families. Adam appeared two more half sisters and a brother. Father of the singer coached the basketball team, which was Adam. The boy was doing well, which helped him gain confidence. The love for the sport has remained until now. He goes to root for «Los Angeles Lakers». While studying in school, Levin met with the guys that are in the future, along with Adam organized a musical group. For the first time they were made in a closed club party in the 1995th year. The band was called «Kara's Flowers».

Starting singing career
In 1997 «Kara's Flowers» signed a contract with Reprise Records. In the same year they released their first album, but it did not become popular. As children participated as guests in one episode of the eighth season of Beverly Hills. After Reprise Records terminated the contract with them, Adam went to college, where he studied six semesters.

In 2001, all gathered again in Los Angeles and founded a new group, calling it «Maroon 5", only now it was not four, but five members, the composition of the past joined James Valentine. In 2002, the release of their debut album, which was named after the first woman Levin - Jane, with whom he met for about six years. Several months passed, and the album began to lead the charts. In 2005, the band received a Grammy Award as "Best New Artist". A year later there was a second prize. And in the 2007th year «Maroon 5» released a new studio album. One of the songs on the album became a hit, she could from the sixty-fourth place in a short time to move on top of the charts, thanks to which the band received their third Grammy Award.

Adam Levine NOW
The third album was released in the 2010th. His guys recorded in Switzerland. After leaving in 2012 to the next album, «Maroon 5" in support of the album went on tour. Levine himself has repeatedly stated that he would not be associated with a lifetime «Maroon 5». He is a frequent participant in other projects. Adam wrote a song with many famous performers, along with Natasha Bedingfield was working on one of her albums, helping with writing songs and also performed backing vocals.

The 2012th Levin first starred in a movie. It was another season of "American Horror Story." He got the role of Leo. Soon he had a chance to become a member of the musical comedy, where he starred with Keira Knightley. Vladimir Presnyakov in an interview, said that «Maroon 5" in general and in particular, Levin are his pets. He believes that they play black music, combined with a bit of England. According to him, their music - a mad mix. Musicians took a little everywhere. Students like it, even though they likely can not explain to myself why. The reason is that the basis of the group laid a classic compositions.

PERSONAL LIFE of Adam Levine
The singer does not hide his personal life. The media are constantly emerging reports of any new incidents or events. According to the memoirs of Levin, his first kiss took place in eleven years. Adam's first girlfriend, with whom he developed a romantic relationship was Jane Herman. Later she became a famous designer. With it, the singer met almost six years.

In 2005, Adam met for six months with Maria Sharapova. After the scandal in the press, where the singer open up about Mary, they parted. Jessica Simpson was the next Levin's passion, but the relationship was short-lived. Two years Adam met with an ordinary girl, not having anything to show business - a waitress Becky Ginosa. This was followed with many celebrities and model. One of the girls was a singer and model from Russia, Anna Vyalitsyna. In the spring of 2012 they parted. Adam and Anna were filmed several times for magazines. Levin met with Behati Prinsloo, in 2013 th the couple parted, but then again reunited. In the summer of that year they announced their engagement. It is known that the subject of the marriage of Adam always fascinated, but the musician admitted he was never sure what married life will approach him.

For the «Cosmopolitan» he appeared completely naked to draw attention to the need for the prevention of cancer diseases male reproductive system. Levin was a judge on the show «The Voice». He encouraged the contestants with different sexual orientations. Adam believes that the singers should not hide their orientation. As a charity it supports some social movement of sexual minorities. In the photo, where Adam appears bare-chested, it becomes clear that he is a fan of tattoos. His body may be considered an image studio, the one on which was recorded the debut album of Maroon 5, there is also the image of cherry blossoms, a guitar, a dove and a tiger. The latest tattoo singer made in Japan - this necklace. However, Adam himself could not clearly answer the question of why he did it and why it is a necklace. However, he likes it.

Adam Levine


Wiki info

Adam Noah Levine was born in Los Angeles on March 18, 1979 to Fred Levine, the founder of retail chain M. Fredric, and Patsy (née Noah) Levine, an admissions counselor. He has two brothers, Michael and Sam, and two sisters, Liza Levine and Julia Milne Levine. Levine's father and maternal grandfather are both Jewish, while his maternal grandmother was a Protestant of Scottish and German descent. Levine considers himself Jewish, though according to an interview with The Jewish Chronicle, he "has rejected formal religious practice for a more generalized, spiritual way of life". He chose not to have a Bar Mitzvah as a child, explaining: "I felt as though a lot of kids were trying to cash in . . . I just don't think it's the most respectful way to deal with God and beliefs and years and years and years of cultural heritage. " Levine is a nephew of journalist and author Timothy Noah, television producer and writer Peter Noah, and economist Jordan Levine.