Blue-eyed brunette Adriana Francesca Lima captivated men on the planet. She smorit us with a reversal of the best magazines, participates in shows leading lights of the fashion business and in films.

As a child, shy of her thinness
All Brazilian girls grow especially. Even before beginning to talk, they learn to dance samba. The same little temperamental and fiery July 12, 1981 Adriana Francesca Lima was born in Brazil, El Salvador, in the family of Nelson Torres and Maria da Lima Graz. This girl was not ugly duckling. She took the best from their ancestors.

In her appearance intricately interwoven lines of immigrants from the Caribbean, France and Portugal. As a child, little Adriana often than in school, went to beauty contests. And not to look at others, and to show themselves. The title of the first beauty in his hometown quickly ceased to be an accomplishment for a young beauty. Planet recognized its beauty, when Adrian was only 13 years old. It was at such a tender age she got second place in the beauty contest of worldwide scope Supermodel of the world, who organized the model agency "Ford". Meanwhile, the campaign to auditions given future star is not easy. She talks about her childhood experiences with a smile: - Once, I was very shy. When I started working, I had to go to a casting, and it was necessary to do it in a bikini. It seemed to me that I was very thin. But I did it and got the job! Magazines with pictures of her huge numbers diverged in the Old and the New World. Adrian was shot not only for the Brazilian editions of the magazine Marie Claire, but also for Vogue in Great Britain and Italy.

Conquering the world
In 16 years, Adriana Lima associated themselves first major contract, which became another milestone in her destiny and career. The city temptations of wealth and meteoric rise in New York, she signed a contract with Elite Model Management.

The beauty of the rising stars of the catwalk appreciated not only by editors and photographers of glossy magazines, but also the guru of the fashion industry. She appeared on the catwalk in dresses Armani, Valentino suits, dresses Vera Wang and many other acknowledged masters of needle and scissors. See the beauty was not only on the catwalks. Her gray-blue eyes at the audience in commercials GUESS, XOXO, Gasoline, Mossimo, Anna Sui, BeBe and others. Adriana Lima star shone even brighter star on the horizon in 2000, after the show Victoria's Secret. However, Laetitia Casta and Heidi Klum, she showed a collection of swimwear. Then Adrian was the "angel."

After this show the new stage in his career did not take long to wait. Already in 2001 there was the show Victoria's Secret with Adriana Lima. Season show in 2003 cemented the resulting success. Also in 2001, a young and full of energy she decided to try myself in a new role. And the role was good! Together with Mickey Rourke Adriana Lima starred in the short film The Follow.

Not only looks excites
Age does not diminish the beauty of Adriana. In 2008, the furor has made a 30-second promotional video Super Cup, in which she once again demonstrated the seductive forms, natural grace and impeccable style. Soon after the release of this movie Lima hit the top of the sexiest women in the world. In a poll on the website voted for her millions of men. Adriana Lima is not only the sexual, but also one of the most expensive women on the planet. The amounts of the fees it too excited and not just men. In 2010, a girl from a Brazilian family earned $ 8 million. In 2011, the income became slightly less likely a "$ 7.3 million. In the ranking of Forbes magazine in 2011 indiscreet Adrian takes the 4th place among the most expensive models of the planet. Ahead of her only Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum.

Like many other models Adriana Lima involved in charity work. Rather big part of their fees, it transmits to help children. In her care is an orphanage in his native city of Salvador, Brazil. Before beginning her modeling career, Adriana is committed to helping children, and now, thanks to its popularity, it can support an orphanage in his native city in Brazil. Super model not only helps to develop the children's home, but also helps poor families - to buy them food and clothing. In addition, it participates in charity events in Haiti. By helping others, she remembers about his childhood: - It seems to me that I had missed so much. Sometimes I meet on the street adolescents who walk, go to the movies, concerts, and I am very envious of them - said Adrian.

Captured the hearts of millions, Lima got one
Beautiful Brazilian won the hearts of men at home, in New York and around the world. She was dizzy businessmen, athletes, musicians, TV presenters and even the crown prince. Tabloids do not disdain details novels Adriana Lima. Commented on the relationship with the singer Lenny Kravitz in 2003. On the front pages of the tabloids never left notes on the novel by Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein. Great connoisseur of feminine beauty, the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee dreamed of intimacy with Adriana. He even stated that he would remain a bachelor, if not pretty Lima would become his wife. But reciprocity did not wait. She turned heads of millions of men, but Adriana heart opened to the Slav. She was married to Serbian basketball player, former NBA player Marko Jarić. Now the couple Adriana and Marko are living in Madrid. November 15, 2009 the couple had a daughter, Valentina Lima Yarich. In September 2012go family expected completion.

Now Lima has twice Yarich parents. Super model is not shy to talk about their marital happiness: - For me, the best job in the world - to be a mom. I never suspected that I can someone so much love. I always thought, it is unconditional and all-consuming love exists? Now I know that, yes, - said Adrian in an interview. But even in his family life super-model has not lost its popularity. In June 2012, she re-entered the ranking of the sexiest women in the world.

Adriana Lima