Name for Avril chose French Canadian father, a representative of the working class. He and his wife raised even the eldest son Matthew, and youngest daughter Michelle. Avril has in two years began to sing. She sang religious songs with her mother. And at the age of five years old girl with her family moved to Napanee. Avril did not like to study, behaved very badly at school. The behavior of the schoolgirl even kicked out of class. At this time, Lavigne dreamed of becoming a singer, her parents wish to maintain. And especially her daughter bought a microphone, keyboards, drum machines, several guitars and equipped studio in the basement. With the 14-year-old parents are led by Avril sing karaoke. Besides, the girl began performing at local fairs. There she sang songs of Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, The Dixie Chicks. And while Lavigne began writing his own songs. The first work - a song about teenage love «Can not Stop Thinking About You». In 1998 he won a radio competition Avril Lavigne, she sang the song «What Made You Say That» Scotiabank Place on stage with Shania Twain. She is the girl and said she dreams of becoming a famous singer. And after that, in amateur theater Lennox talented actress noted local artist Steven Maddie and asked her to sing a song with him «Touch the Sky». Later he performed for several parties. And then followed by introduction to the first manager Cliff Fabri Lavigne. He then sent home recording Avril potential producers. Nettwerk representative of the company in 2000 introduced her to Peter Zitstso.

Let Go
At the end of 2000, the representative of the Department of talent Ken Krongard arranged for Avril listening in the studio of Peter Zitstso. And as it invited the head of Arista Records, Antonio «LA» Reid. He remained under the impression of listening to and immediately offered Avril Lavigne contract for $ 1.25 million to the output pair of albums and an advance of 900 thousand dollars.

Lavigne naturally fit into the image of skeytershi. At the time, she was interested in skateboarding more than study. She left school to study music. In mid-2002, Avril Lavigne released her debut album «Let Go». He took second place in the chart «Billboard 200." Chart plate led in Canada, UK, Australia. By the end of the year it became four times platinum in the US, so the album became the best-selling debut. In 2003, the album is bought more than one million times, and by 2010 - 16 million. For a clip from the plate «Complicated» Avril he was awarded the MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist. In addition, she got four out of six nominations «Juno», World Music Awards, eight Grammys.

In spring 2004, Avril released her second album «Under My Skin», he immediately topped the charts in several countries around the world. Circulation around the world over 8 million copies. Most of the songs were written together with the Canadian singer Chantal Krevyazuk. On the plate it was released four singles: «Do not Tell Me», «My Happy Ending», «Nobody's Home», «He Was not». That same year, the actress got two awards at the World Music Awards, as the best Canadian artist and best pop-rock artist. It was followed by a nomination for Juno.

The Best Damn Thing
Next album «The Best Damn Thing» was released in April 2007. And the first single «Girlfriend» immediately climbed to the top of the charts Billboard Hot 100. The song became so popular that it recorded in different languages. But she earned a record number of prestigious music awards. By the way, at the same time Avril has released two comic book Make 5 Wishes, which were painted with Camille and Derrick Joshua Dizartom.

Accusations of plagiarism
At the same time, three times Avril Lavigne was accused of plagiarism. Questioned the authorship of the songs turned out «I Do not Have to Try», «Contagious».

The first lawsuit filed band The Rubinoos, which in 1979 released a song «I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend». Avril was accused of embezzling chorus composition «Girlfriend». Then the manager of the actress said that Lavigne had never heard the song of the claimant, because it was written before the birth of Avril. As a result, the parties agreed that the lines are found in many compositions. Following the Canadian singer Chantal Lavigne Krevyazuk accused of misappropriation of authorship composition «Contagious». Singer said that such an act "beyond ethics" and said that he would not sue, but Avril Lavigne is not going to work longer. Following allegations appeared on the Internet in violation of copyright «I Do not Have to Try». There allegedly was borrowed the melody of the song Peaches «I'm the Kinda».

Goodbye Lullaby
Released the next album and singles are not just tolerated. Initially planned to release the record in late 2009. But in January 2010, Avril said it is now ready to have the cover and the presentation of the first single will happen in a few months. Later the actress said that she intends to return to the studio, as the album is very serious. By the way, in the end it turned out that the tracks will be enough once on two plates. As a result, the first song the audience could hear him only a year later, in early 2011. After less than six months after the release of «Goodbye Lullaby» Lavin she said it is working on a fifth album, and polplastinki ready. He is expected to be released in 2012.

Movie career
Avril Lavigne showed interest in the movie. She has repeatedly acted in music videos, but in 2004 decided to take a cameo performance in the film "Going the Distance."

And for two years before fans could see her in the TV series "Sabrina - Teenage Witch." It should again followed by a small role in "flock". She deliberately chose a minor operation. Another film from the piggy bank Avril - "Fast Food Nation."

In early 2008, Avril has launched its own line of guitars, and models and design - her creativity. In addition, she is a clothing line.

Personal life
In 17 years, Lavigne made friends with the musician Deryck Whibley. Then Avril noted that it is difficult are dating because guys are afraid of her bodyguards. Two years later, friends started a relationship. In 2005, the musician, the singer has made an offer. A year later, Avril and Deryck were married. The marriage lasted about three years. During the divorce, Lavigne said she was happy and grateful to the former spouse that they remain friends. In 2010, Lavigne began dating the model Brody Jenner. But two years later the couple broke up. In early 2012, Avril Lavigne has recorded its 5th studio album, one of the songs with which she recorded together with the group «Nickelback». Collaborate on a single developed into a romantic relationship between the singer and frontman Chad Krueger. In the summer of 2012, he did Avril marriage proposal. The couple married July 1, 2013 by staging a memorable ceremony in the Gothic style. For Chad it's first marriage.

Avril Lavigne


Wiki info

Lavigne's second studio album, Under My Skin, was released in May 2004 and debuted at number one in Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK, and the US. [52] The album was certified five-times Platinum in Canada[53] and has sold 10 million copies,[54] including 3. 2 million in the US. Lavigne wrote most of the album's tracks with Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, and Kreviazuk's husband, Our Lady Peace front man Raine Maida, co-produced the album with Butch Walker and Don Gilmore. Lavigne said that Under My Skin proved her credentials as a songwriter, saying that "each song comes from a personal experience of mine, and there are so much[sic] emotions in those songs". [55] "Don't Tell Me", the lead single off the album, reached the top five in the UK and Canada and the top ten in Australia. "My Happy Ending", the album's second single, was a top five hit in the UK and Australia. In the US, it was a top ten entry on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a number-one pop radio hit. The third single, "Nobody's Home", did not manage to make the top 40 in the US and performed moderately elsewhere.