Dakota was born in a sports family. Her dad Steve Fanning was a gamer of basketball team the St. Louis Cardinals, now he works as the seller of electronics. Mom future celebrity - in his youth was a professional tennis player. But grandfather was a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback the team. At Dakota grows younger sister Ale, by the way, is also an actress. Both have Irish and German roots. Both are also the Baptist, as well as the whole family Fanning.

Childish ability
Dakota studied in Campbell Hall School in Hollywood. There she was even a support group school team. Already in two years, Dakota was able to read. At about the same age she appeared acting ability. And when 4-year-old girl appeared El sister, Dakota began to portray pregnancy, tucking a pillow under your dress, also played the role of a newborn just El. Later Dakota identified in drama school far from home. Each week, the children staged plays, during which teachers have noticed that Fanning stands out against other, and gave advice to parents to hire the daughter of an agent. Then, on the advice thereof, they traveled for six weeks in Los Angeles, planning to come back. Agent girl found a job in an advertising campaign of detergent «Tide». Therefore, the family home and never returned.

Underage popularity
The first notable acting role played by Dakota in the episode of the popular TV series "ER." The girl appeared in the role of victims of a car accident, suffering from leukemia. This, incidentally, was one of the favorite works Fanning. Appearances were in other television series, such as "Practice», «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Spin City," and yet she played the main characters in the series "Ellen" and "Ally McBeal."

In 2001, followed by a couple of subtle work in the film "March cats" and "Father Christmas". In addition, the same year she made her debut in the movie Girl with Sean Pen "I -Sem." Dakota got the role of the daughter of a mentally retarded character Penn. For this role, Fanning even nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award, a girl became the youngest nominee in the history of the award. And from the "Association of Film Critics broadcasters" Dakota received the status of "Best Young Actress". In 2002, the title role in a child's science fiction "Stolen" Dakota chose Steven Spielberg himself. By that time in the bank, the young actress has been more euphonious reviews from critics, including Tom Sheylza of «The Washington Post». And then Fanning starred in three films. First there was the victim of kidnapping in the movie "24", then the girl played by Reese Witherspoon character as a child in the film "Sweet Home Alabama", followed by appeared as Katie in "Hansel and Gretel."

A year later, Dakota Fanning distinguished as an adult child with an active nanny by Brittany Murphy in the film "Uptown Girls." Well, then it was the work of "Kote". In parallel with the work on the set of the actress has been busy on the recording station. She voiced the Disney version of the Japanese animated film "My Neighbor Totoro" in 2005. In one episode, with its voice acting can be found in the TV series "Justice League" and "Family Guy."

Star colleague
In 2004 she appeared in the box office film "Anger". There Dakota Fanning plays a 9-year-old girl Pete was kidnapped members of a Mexican gang. And this at a time when it must defend the bodyguard Denzel Washington. But "Hide and Seek" is the first tape, where the actress appeared in the Robert De Niro. Then Dakota gave his voice to the animated film Lilo "Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch". Following the girl played a small role in the film "Nine Lives" Rodrigo Garcia, is the actress was nine-minute scene with the heroine Glenn Coles. Later, the actress really rave about Fanning. The girl did not stop work at the same time voiced a cartoon character called "Carolina in the Land of Nightmares." In late 2004, Dakota completed work on the film "The Dreamers" with Kurt Russell. After that, the actor assured that the young partner on the set was the best of his career. Following came the picture with Tom Cruise, "War of the Worlds", which also appeared Dakota. And without a break to rest Dakota went to Australia to star in "Charlotte's Web."

Criticism of rape
Two years later, Dakota Fanning was plunged into painting "hunted", and after the rental has been criticized for an episode of the rape of her character. What the young actress said that "it's not for real. This is called acting skills. " Then the 12-year-old Dakota was invited to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So Fanning became the youngest employee of the academy. Even then, her condition was equal to $ 4 million, the actress fell to fourth place list of "Forbes" in the star rating up to 21 years.

Two months 2007 Dakota dedicated work on the painting "The Flight of a lifetime." Where colleagues were again the stars: Jennifer Hudson, Guy Pearce, Kate Beckinsale, Forest Whitaker. After a couple of months, three days, Fanning worked on the short film «Cutlass», and then ran across to the set of scientific fiction "Fifth Dimension". This is a picture of a group of psychics who at birth were given different abilities and are now trying to destroy the plans of an evil corporation. Dakota appeared in the acclaimed saga about vampires. In 2009 and 2010 she performed the role of Jane in the three parts of the "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer works. In 2010, viewers saw Dakota in the film «The Runaways», where the actress played the singer of the same name with a picture of the group. Following Fanning was supposed to play in the film "If I stay," but she left the project due to the fact that loading could affect its pitiable school certificate. In early 2011, it was reported that Fanning will take part in three films: «Girls' Night Out», «The Motel Life» and «Mississippi Wild». Just Dakota changed Saoirse Ronan in the biography "Effie". The actress got the main role - wife critic, poet, architect and artist John Ruskin. Presented painting in 2012.

Modeling career
The 2010 Dakota Fanning has signed a modeling contract with the «IMG Models». With the Agency, by the way, work together celebrities such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell. Presumably, she will continue her career under the name Dakota F.

And even earlier, in 2007, Fanning has presented clothes from the collection of Marc Jacobs, and four years later it has become a major advertising campaign in the fragrance Oh Lola company Marc Jacobs.

Dakota Fanning