Gwen's father, an American with Italian roots named Denise, and her mother, Patty raised four children. In addition to the future star in the family she grew up the daughter Jill and two sons - Eric and Todd.

Cleaning woman with higher education
Gwen received a diploma at the University of California at Fulertone. Then, in 1987, he graduated from the Higher School of Loar. In the latter Stephanie was a member of the swimming team. Despite the fact that the future actress was released from prestigious universities, she was never able to find a worthy use of their knowledge and get a decent job. Therefore your choice to Gwen stopped working in the store and washing floors in a fast food restaurant «Dairy Queen». However, on their experiences Gwen does not hesitate to tell and no regrets, moreover, that in life the singer recalls with pride.

The first song came from the pen of Gwen Stefani, when she was seventeen years old. That moment changed the life of Stephanie upside down. She realized that it has a talent that not everyone there. In 1986 born the group «No Doubt». It was organized by Gwen's older brother Eric and his friend John Spence. There Stephanie invited as co-vocalist. However, after the lead singer John Spence committed his suicide, his place was taken by just Gwen.

Group for a long time waiting for his moment of glory. The first two albums of the collective «The Beacon Street Collection» and «No Doubt» hardly interested listeners. But the third album entitled «Tragic Kingdom» with hits such as «Do not Speak» and «Just a Girl» (these songs were written with the direct participation Gwen), allowed the group to step far ahead. Students began to slowly interested in the work of «No Doubt» and gradually become fans. Then Gwen was involved in the recording of two albums team «Rock Steady» and «Return of Saturn». And it was the talent and charm of Gwen helped the group to gain worldwide fame and crowds of fans on every continent.

Solo career
In 2000, Stephanie began to work on their own, apart from the group «No Doubt». First, she recorded a single with Moby «South Side», and two years later was followed by joint work with Eve - so was received single «Let Me Blow Ya Mind». For this work, Gwen received a prestigious award "Grammy".

Musical career began to take the desired shape. Gwen has already gained the desired position in its field and became the only gain speed. In 2004, Gwen Stefani released her first solo album «Love. Angel. Music. Baby ». At the plate was a resounding success. During the preparation of its singer he worked with Farrell Williams, Linda Perry and other celebrities. Album rightfully earned the fifth position of the charts «Billboard Top 200." The same place he won the Canadian charts. And here in the UK - the fourth line, and in general in the Australian first. The album «Love. Angel. Music. Baby »was attended by all the characteristic sound of pop music 80s, but critics noted similarities with the style of the early works of Stephanie Madonna. And besides, the image of the blonde has been very similar to the pop-diva Madonna, in its classical form. The latter, incidentally, was not opposed to such a comparison, since Gwen considered interesting and talented.

The single «Hollaback Girl» popular magazine «Billboard» for the year recognized the most sold in America. The composition even earned two nominations for "Grammy" awards.

On the music scene, Gwen Stefani has reached the pinnacle of glory and ventured to try their hand at cine field. However, the film career has not become so vast. The only notable work of the actress - a cameo role in the film "The Aviator," Martin Scorsese, which appeared in 2004. The singer played the role of a sex symbol of the 1930s, Hollywood actress Jean Harlow. But partners in the set were all stars - is Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Kate Beckinsale and.

And further
In Gwen's present desire every day to look for a new way. This prompted the girl to open her own business of creating clothes. The famous singer is now manufactures clothes for every occasion of life, wallets and bags under the name «LAMB». By the way, things and accessory of its own production is Stephanie herself. In the end, Gwen still proved that it can successfully deal with several things at once. Today, a number of celebrities such as Paris and Nicky Hilton, Pamela Anerson, Nicole Richie, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCartney, Halle Berry and Alicia Kiss enjoy Apparel Gwen Stefani.

Personal life
In 2002, Stephanie married guitarist and vocalist of the rock group «Bush» Britain Gavin Rosdeyla. In late 2005, the family announced that the summer of 2006 they will be the first-born. So Gwen and Gavin had the baby. Son they named Kingston James macropores. Stephanie gave birth to her second child in 2008. And this time, the son - he was named Zuma Nesta Rock.

Interesting Facts
Gwen Stefani has a nickname - G-loc and Sunshine. And according to all the rules in the Italian pronunciation of her name in the emphasis should be on the second syllable.

Gwen herself has designed for the camera «Hewlett-Packard». Actress respects the work of such bands as "311», «Sublime», «Radiohead», «Blur», «Jamiroquai» and «Madness». Gwen led a close friendship with the soloist of the group «Garbage» Shirley Manson. At 14, Gwen Anna chose a name for confirmation, but it was not official. Pictures Stephanie flaunted at different times in almost all American glossy magazines. The list of the fifty most sexual musicians on the planet, according to the magazine «Blender», Gwen Stefani takes place between Shana Twain and Jim Morrison. According to the magazine «CosmoGirl» Gwen become a woman in 2001. Then the TV channel VH1 Stephanie awarded the prize "My favorite actress." In 2002, the singer came to the 22th place in the top of the sexiest women in the world, according to the magazine «Stuff magazine».

In 2005, for flawless makeup and a good taste in clothes Gwen Stefani got a list of the fifty most beautiful people, according to the magazine «People».

Gwen Stefani


Wiki info

Gwen Renée Stefani (/ɡwɛn ˈstəˈfɑːni/; born October 3, 1969) is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, and television personality. She is the co-founder and lead vocalist of the band No Doubt that experienced major success after their breakthrough studio album Tragic Kingdom (1995) along with various successful singles, including "Just a Girl", "Don't Speak", "Hey Baby", and "It's My Life". During the band's hiatus, Stefani embarked on a solo pop career in 2004 by releasing her debut studio album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Inspired by pop music from the 1980s, the album was met with both critical and commercial success. It spawned three commercially successful singles: "What You Waiting For?", "Rich Girl", and "Hollaback Girl", the latter reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 while also becoming the first US download to sell one million copies. In 2006 Stefani released her second studio album The Sweet Escape. The album produced two successful singles: "Wind It Up" and the album's title track "The Sweet Escape". Her third solo album This Is What the Truth Feels Like was released in March 2016 and became her first solo number-one album on the Billboard 200.