Natalia Oreiro - an amazing girl and star of TV series 90's. Born in a small family, she has managed to achieve popularity on television and on the stage. For millions of women, and it has become an ideal role model.

CHILDHOOD of Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro (full name Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias Poghio Bour de Mollo, in Russian is also found as Natalia and Natalia Oreiro) I was born in an ordinary family. She was the second child after her sister Adriana, who was 4 years old when Natalia was born. Parents future singer did not earn a lot of money, but in life they missed. Father Carlos Alberto Natalia Oreiro worked as a salesman, and his mother Mabel Iglesias, who gave birth to the future artist of 27 years, worked as a hairdresser in a beauty salon.

The house had a lot of professional accessories mother, but little Natalia took out only a comb, which are used instead of the microphone in front of a mirror depicting the singer. I do those years Natalia, that in a few decades it will be imitated many children and teenagers of the time. Family Natalia Oreiro permanently moved to a new location. In early childhood, Natalia lived in El Cerro in Spain.

Natalia studied at a simple school. At 8 years old she was fascinated by the theater and began attending theater groups. Parents liked the artistic inclinations of his daughter, and they strongly supported it, the more that learning is not affected. She grew up in the usual, but a gifted child. Like all teenagers, Natalya had their idols. She loved the rock group «Los Ramones». In order to get to her concert in Chile, she deceived their parents, telling them that a few days will live with a friend.

Beginning of career
In 12 years, Natalia Oreiro first time took part in the filming of the Uruguayan advertising. Over the next two years, the girl appeared in 30 commercials from companies such as «Coca-cola», «Pepsi», «Johnson & Johnson». It was good practice for her involvement in the shooting. In 1991, Natalia chosen among all the girls who came to audition from all over Latin America, so that she was accompanied by Brazilian TV star Shushi Tours in different countries with TV programs. With this Natalia gained some fame.

In parallel with the shooting Shushey Natalia all the money spent on tickets to Buenos Aires, where she participated in all castings.

Natalia Oreiro - STAR of TV Shows
And luck to her in 1993. Natalia chosen as a performer a small role in the series' high comedy. " However, the series was never released due to lack of money. By this time, Natalia finished with Shushey and refused an offer to become the representative MTV in Latin America.

In 1994, Natalia got a role in the TV series "unruly heart", where she met with Pablo Echarri. Then in 1995 she starred in "Mila Anna", and in 1996 - in the "90-60-90 Models". However, these roles are not brought her success, though played a role in the career of the young Uruguayan. The discovery of a new star series was held in 1997. Natalia Oreiro Canal-9 offered the title role in the TV series "Rich and Famous", which had high ratings. Her partner on the site was Diego Ramos. In 1998, Natalia Oreiro began working on «TeLeFe» with the director Gustavo Yankelevich, who invited her to star in the film "Argentinian in New York." Oreiro not hope for success in this particular film. Working in cinema requires no special skills, but Natalia coped with this task. Also in the film Natalia revealed himself as a singer! The film was a huge success. During the first week of the show in Latin America, he has collected 1,600,000 audience, creating competition to such blockbuster late 90s, as "Titanic."

In 1998, Natalia starred in the TV series "Wild Angel", followed by the entire world, imbued with love for his main character - Milagros. Many so-called Natalia and continue the name of its character, and believe Ivo (Facundo Arana) her real fiance. This show brought international fame actress. In April 2002, we began shooting the series "Kachorra" (in Russian teleprokat he went under the name "Wild Angel. Return"). Partner Natalia in this series was the actor Pablo Rago. In spring 2005, Natalia Oreiro participated in the shooting of Russian-Argentine serial movie "The tango", her company made Smolyakov Andrei, Olga Pogodin, Valery Nikolaev, Alexander Fissenko. In late 2005, Natalia started acting in TV series "You - my life", where her partner was again Facundo Arana. Filming had to end as early as August 2006, but completed only one year.

Career of the singer
In January 1999, already popular Natalia Oreiro released their first album «Natalia Oreiro». Help her in this is the same Gustavo Yankelevich. Immediately after the release of the album has sold 750,000 copies of the disc only in Argentina. For this Natalia received a double platinum award. But most of all she was glad for the recognition of her public. Songs from that album became the soundtrack to the TV series "Wild Angel".

In August 2000, they released their second album called Natalia Oreiro «Tu Veneno» (Your Poison). It was recorded in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and New York. It can be called a real achievement of the singer. It sold an average of about two million copies. Therefore, at the beginning of next year, Natalia went on a world tour, initially for Latin America, then Europe and Russia. She conquered all the countries in which acted.

In June 2002 it released third album called Natalia Oreiro «Turmalina». This album contains 11 tracks - is not just a text about love, but also conviction of what is happening in the world. Some of the songs are very similar to alternative rock, although the musical trends also saved. Once again, the singer goes on a world tour of 14 countries, including concerts in Russia and Belarus.

Natalia Oreiro NOW
Because of the huge employment in the shooting in the series in 2005, Natalia Oreiro postponed the release of their fourth album in 2010. And subsequently he withdrew totally from the idea, proposed the idea to the release of CD with the soundtrack to the TV series. In 2010, the singer procedure for obtaining Argentine citizenship, along with the Uruguayan and Spanish. The following year starred Oreiro underground activist levoperonistskoy guerrilla organization "Montoneros" and the mother of the protagonist, the boy in the film "Clandestine Childhood". The film was nominated for the Spanish award "Goya" and was nominated by Argentina for the award "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" at the 85th ceremony.

In September 2011, Natalia Oreiro became Goodwill Ambassador in Argentina and Uruguay. And two years later I started shooting in the series "Just you."

PERSONAL LIFE of Natalia Oreiro
In 1994, according to Uruguayan television broadcast series "Only for couples." On the screen I saw a handsome Natalia Pablo Echchari. Then she boldly said: "This will be my dark!". When Argentina's Natalia starred in the TV series, along with Pablo, she did not take her eyes off him. But the actor did not have nothing to do with it. Still, after a while Natalia Pablo invited on a date to an expensive restaurant.

Natalia ordered tea with milk and bread. When the order was brought, Natalya put the bread in the tea and began to eat. Watching its immediacy, Pablo caught myself thinking that I fell in love and wants to be with this girl. They've been together for 6 years. In early October 2000 the couple parted. Natalia grieved break with Pablo Echarri. She went to work and led an active concert career.

In November 2001, Natalia Oreiro met with 44-year-old leader of the rock band Dividios Ricardo Mollo. And on December 31 the same year she married him. The wedding took place on a ship near the Brazilian coast. The couple exchanged tattoos and swore eternal love. Natalia says Ricardo led her out of the depression and showed that it is necessary to enjoy every single day. January 26, 2012 the couple had a son in a clinic in Buenos Aires. The child was given the name Merlin Atahualpa.

Natalia Oreiro


Wiki info

Natalia Oreiro, daughter of Carlos Florencio Oreiro Poggio and Mabel Cristina Iglesias Bourié, was born on May 19, 1977. Natalia studied drama at the age of eight and at twelve started auditioning for advertisements. During her teens she appeared in more than 30 television commercials for such trade marks as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Johnson & Johnson. At the age of 16 she moved to Argentina to work there and unleash her ambition to be a star. She worked as an MTV VJ and in 1995, she landed a role in the soap opera Dulce Ana. She was then cast in the TV series 90-60-90 modelos (1996) and next in Ricos y famosos (1997, playing Valeria). Next, she starred in the Argentinian film Un Argentino en New York (1998). After the movie, Natalia launched her first album, Natalia Oreiro and the single "Cambio Dolor" became the opening theme for her next acting project, the prime time show Muñeca Brava (1998–1999). For her performance in Muñeca Brava, Natalia was nominated twice (1998 and 1999) for a Martín Fierro Award as best actress in a leading role. In January 2000, Natalia was named "Celebrity of the Year" by E! Entertainment Television. She became popular in Russia and Israel due to the success of Muñeca Brava in that country and was even invited to star in a Russian telenovela. In Israel she performed many times on big stages and on many TV shows. and won the best telenovela actress award and best theme song "Cambio Dolor" on "VIVA 2000" awards, And in 2002 the Israeli Cable TV had a live competition for finding the Israeli Natalia Oreiro, and she was the honor guest of the evening.