Native mom of Nicole Richie was an assistant of the famous artist Lionel Richie, Dad also played in a band musician. When she was just two years old, her father died. Then Lionel and his wife Brenda have decided to take Nicole to his upbringing. At the age of 9 Nicole Richie Lionel Richie officially adopt. Despite this, the star is still meets with her biological mother and maintains cordial relations with her. But Nicole godparents are Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

As a child, Nicole Richie has developed comprehensively. Girl figure skating, and also learned to play the cello, guitar, piano and violin. After high school «The Buckley School» Sherman Oaks in California, Nicole studied two years at the University of Arizona in the faculty of arts and the media.

Starry friend
From early childhood, Nicole Richie was friends with well-known hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton. Starlet were very active social life, and are often caught in the headlines. Basically it happened due to the defiance and rather daring dresses celebrities. The girls were different from peers that have behaved quite rapidly: abused alcohol at a noisy party, dancing on the bar, as well as loud converge and diverge with their suitors.

"Simple life"
In 2002, Paris had invited friend Nicole Richie in her reality TV show called "The Simple Life." Under the project, the girls changed their luxury homes on the simple rural life without any amenities. The show "The Simple Life" is not very popular, but still found its audience.

It was therefore removed several seasons, which were broadcast not only in the US but also in many countries around the world.

Problems with law
Stellar and luxurious life could not have any impact on the character and behavior of Nicole Richie. In February 2003, she was first confronted with the law. She was arrested in the Californian city of Malibu. Socialite charged with drug possession of heroin, as well as in driving during revocation rights. In that year, the matter was hushed up, and she went to Nicole treatment in a rehabilitation clinic.

The first film role went to Nicole Richie in 2005. Then she played in the film «Kids in America». Pozzhebylinebolshierabotyvteleserialah «MADtv», «Six Feet Under», «8 Simple Rules», «American Dreams». And the beginning of his film career, Nicole released her first book, entitled "The Truth About Diamonds." Not surprisingly, that the image of the heroine of publication was written off with the actress. Although quite a lot in the book was fiction.

NikolRichi notoriety helped her to conclude several contracts with advertising agencies. For example, she worked as a model for Bongo Jeans, and also was the face of the well-known brand Jimmy Choo. In addition, at this time it was reported that Richie is preparing a music album. But until now, no one song fans have not heard. And one of the show Tyra Banks told the girl that he considered music the main focus of his career.

Anorexia and bulimia
In mid-2006, the press actively discussed rumors that Nicole suffers from eating disorders - bulimia and anorexia. And the information is there was not casual. Richie began to look very thin. The girl denied the presence at these diseases, although admitted to the public that looks painfully thin. And in March 2007, Nicole was hospitalized and diagnosed with hypoglycemia.

Clashes with police
In late 2006, Nicole Richie was arrested again. This time it was suspected of driving while intoxicated. And this time, the girl threatened to jail, but she again managed to get out unscathed. At the hearing in mid-2007, Nicole came a statement that she was pregnant. And the child's father is Joel Madden, member of the «Good Charlotte». So Richie mitigated punishment, she was given only four days in prison. And besides, she was appointed a fine and probation longest in three years.

In late August 2007, Nicole came to the prison to serve his sentence, but after only 82 minutes, it was released from detention. It happened because the prison was overcrowded, and the crime for which she was convicted, was of non-violent. All this time, called the father of Lionel Richie supported foster daughter and not let your emotions get out outside. Rather, it is family support helped Nicole to find the lost composure. After the incident, she stopped going to parties and found happiness with her lover Joel Madden.

Personal life
Application to the court of the pregnancy was not "fake" and in January 2008, Nicole gave birth to a daughter, who was named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. After just a month after giving birth, Nicole and Joel went to the photo shoot with a newborn girl, for a glossy magazine and gave a detailed interview. In it new parents admitted that their relationship is not to legitimize plan. However, in December 2010, Richie and Madden still got married. Happy couple are now two children. The son Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born to celebrities 9 September 2009. A to Joel Richie has announced her engagement to the Los Angeles DJ Adam Goldstein (DJ AM). Lovers met since 2003. The wedding was planned for 2006, but six months before the date of Nicole and Adam announced the severance of relations. In 2008, Nicole Richie has directed its efforts in a more peaceful direction. Then she produced a series of fine jewelry under the name «House of Harlow 1960 '. And later he signed a contract for the adaptation of his book "The Truth About Diamonds." Next she starred in an episode of the television series «Chuck».

It is noteworthy that while Nicole visited Moscow. In the Russian capital the girl came specifically to introduce a new fashion line of designer Kira Plastinina LUBLU. A little later, Nicole created her first fragrance called simply «Nicole». She admitted that the fragrance was inspired by her childhood memories of his mother.

Nicole Richie


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On December 11, 2006, Richie was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after she failed a field sobriety test. She was charged with driving under the influence on State Route 134 in the Burbank/Glendale, California area. Several motorists had reported a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class entering the freeway on the exit ramp and traveling in the opposite traffic direction. [65] She admitted to using marijuana and the narcotic Vicodin before the incident. [65] On July 27, 2007, Richie was sentenced to four days in jail at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California. [66] However, she only served about 82 minutes of the sentence and was released at 16:37 PDT on August 23, 2007. [67] A spokeswoman for the sheriff's department told People magazine that Richie "was released early due to overcrowding in the jail system. This is standard procedure for nonviolent offenders. " After spending 82 minutes in jail, Richie was "Of course pleasantly surprised to be released so quickly," said her attorney. [68]