Popular British pop singer Robbie Williams, author of numerous songs, a favorite of women, and just a great person - this is our today's hero.

Early Years Robbie Williams, FAMILY AND FIRST SUCCESS
Robert Peter Maximilian Williams was born in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, UK. Father Peter Williams in his youth was a comedian and later became the owner of the pub. Mother Teresa Jeanette Williams was a florist. Robert has a half-sister on the father's side - Sally. When Robbie was three years old, his parents divorced. Together with her sister they were to live with her mother.

Robbie was in elementary school «Mill Hill Primary School», and then in high school «St. Margaret Ward High School ». He studied poorly, was lazy and a clown, but had artistic talent, well-danced and sang. In high school, he participated in theater productions, plays and musicals, which often starred. Also Robbie played high school football team. After graduating from school in 1990, Robbie decided on the advice of my mother to try his hand in show business. After learning about the set of the group Take That, he came to the audition, where he performed in front of other members of the group song «Nothing Can Divide Us» Jason Donovan. To his surprise, he was accepted into the group's fifth member.

CAREER of Robbie Williams
Over the next five years, Robbie Williams was a member of Take That. At first the boy band has performed in schools and clubs, performing cover versions of popular songs. The team then became popular and in 1991 released her first album «Take That And Party». Two years later, they signed a contract with BMG. The album topped the British charts and became the second best-selling in the UK.

In 1993, the band released its second album «Everything Changes», which also proved to be successful in m Within a few weeks occupied the top lines of the charts. In 1994, the band embarked on a concert tour, which lasted until 1995. Upon returning, they started recording their third album «Nobody Else». At this time, the group began controversy was initiated by Williams. Robbie did not suit the role of a "good boy", he wanted to stand out than I was not happy with the manager and group leader Gary Barlow. Summer of 1995, Williams left the band. Shortly after his departure, the band broke up, releasing the last collection of the best songs in February 1996. Robbie was thinking about a solo career, but this was an obstacle to the item in the contract with BMG, which prohibits the release of his solo songs, if he leaves the group Take That. About half Williams sued the company BMG. During this time, Robbie led dissolute life, drinking and taking drugs.

In 1996, Williams signed a contract with Chrysalis Records and released his first solo single Freedom, which was a cover of George Michael's version of the song. In March, the singer began recording their first album «Life Thru a Lens». Initially, the album went unnoticed. Everything changed single Angels, which was released in December 1997, he was an instant hit and drew attention to the album, which soon took first place in the UK charts. In early 1998, Robbie began work on a second album «I've Been Expecting You». The first single of the album Millenium has become very popular in Europe, selling over 400 thousand copies. After the release in October 1998, he quickly rose to the top row of the charts and received numerous awards at prestigious ceremonies. In 1999 the singer signed a contract with the American company Capitol Records and released a collection of songs «The Ego Has Landed», intended for the US market. The album was greeted with cool, it ranked only 63 in the US chart US Billboard Albums.

Next album «Sing When You're Winning» 2000 proved to be more successful. The single Rock DJ has become one of the best selling in the UK and has been presented to a number of prestigious awards: MTV Europe Music Awards, BRIT Awards, Best Single of the Year. In the video clip for the song Robbie performs a striptease, taking off the skin and tearing muscles, which is why it was rejected by many critics. However, he was awarded MTV VMA for Best Special Effects. In summer 2001, Robbie went on tour to support the album. Album sales totaled 2.4 million. Copies in the UK and 4 million. Copies in Europe, 8 times went platinum and became one of the most sold in the history of British music. In 2001, Williams released his fourth album «Swing When You're Winning», written in the genre Swing. The album took part Nicole Kidman. After the release of the album immediately became a hit, its circulation amounted to more than 7 million. Copies. Beyond The Sea Song of the soundtrack of the cartoon "Finding Nemo." In October 2001, Robbie Williams spoke at the London Royal Albert Hall concert.

In 2002, Robbie Williams signed a contract for 80 million. Pounds now EMI, becoming the highest-paid pop singer. Then in November 2002, he was released the album «Escapology». In summer 2003, Robbie went on a world tour, during which visited in Russia. The album went platinum twice. In 2004 he published a collection of the best songs of Robbie Williams Greatest Hits, which sold in the amount of 8 million. Copies. In the same year, a book-Williams biography «Feel», written by his friend - journalist Chris Heath.

In 2005, Williams released sixth album «Intensive Care», written jointly with Stephen Duffy. In November 2005, at the ceremony MTV Europe Music Award Williams won the award for "Best Male Artist". In 2006, Robbie Williams has moved to the US to begin recording their next album «Rudebox». The album turned out to be most unfortunate in the career of the singer in the UK was sold to 520 thousand. Copies, but even so, he twice went platinum.

After a short break after the failure of the «Rudebox», in 2009, Robbie released his next album «Reality Killed The Video Star», restored to the popularity of the singer.

Robbie Williams NOW
In 2010 he released a greatest hits compilation Williams «In and Out of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010». Recorded attended Gary Barlow - leader of the «Take That». In November of the same year came the next album «Progress» recorded with the band Take That.

In October 2011, Robbie signed a contract with Universal, the result of which was the release of the album «Take the Crown» in autumn 2012. In June 2013 Robbie Williams went on a tour to promote the album.

PERSONAL LIFE of Robbie Williams
During the heyday of the group Take That and because of ambiguous Lyrics of Robbie entrenched image of a representative homosexual. A singer is only warmed up interest in himself jokes on the subject. In 1998, Williams had an affair with Nicole Appleton - vocalist «All Saints». As a result, she became pregnant and had an abortion, explained his action by order of their producers. Then they parted.

Then Robbie Williams, who is considered one of the most popular pop singers met with the hot stuff such as Cameron Diaz and former member of Spice Girls Jerry Holywell. In 2006, Williams met at a "blind" date with an American actress of Turkish origin Aydoy Field. In 2007, they started dating and got married in 2010. September 17, 2012 they had a daughter Theodora Rose Williams.

At the moment the singer lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles. Aida has a positive effect on the singer, before the wedding, he gave up smoking for the sake of future offspring. And it seems that he is not going to go the way of an exemplary family man - in the late spring of 2014, he said that they expect to replenish the family.

Robbie Williams