Her original appearance she had inherited from her father Ricardo Gomez and Hispanic mother Mandy Cornett with Italian and British roots. Name the celebrity inherited from the years of his youth in the popular singer Selena's parents.

When Selena was only five years old, her parents divorced. Selena with her mother moved to Los Angeles. My mother, by the way, a theater actress, raised a daughter alone. The baby she was inspired by his example, thus declining to make a choice in favor of artistic activity. In 2006, Gomez appeared stepfather. My mother married Brian typhi, after which the young actress had a double name - typhi-Gomez. In Los Angeles, a small tail Selena kept coming for my mother to the shooting. On the set noticed the little girl and her desire to attract attention. Selena constantly portrayed actors. At the age of six years, Selena Marie told my mother that it would be an actress. After that, the girl went to her mother not only shooting, but also on the casting. Once the baby came to audition for his birthday. And she did a random gift: Select from a vast number of potential actors. So Selena got the role of Gianna in the television series "Barney and Friends". By the way, the casting tape to the future actress and met with her best friend Demi Lovato. Selena Gomez received his popularity after the release of films and TV series "Wizards of Waverly Place," "Princess Protection Program", "Another Cinderella Story," "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over" and "Hannah Montana."

But for the first time on the set she appeared in 2001. She was then played one of the roles in the film "Barney and Friends". They then opened Selena's acting talent. However, the show she did not last more than two years. In 2003, the young actress appeared in the film "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over." However, there she got only a bit part. Even modest role followed in "Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by fire" in 2005. A year later, Selena got not a bad role in the series «Brain Zapped». Of particular popularity it is not earned, but the girl was able to record a song for the film. After she became a guest star in the film "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." In 2008, the actress signed a contract with Hollywood Records famous studio and worked on music cartoon "Fairies" movie "Princess Protection Program", as well as the series "Wizards of Waverly Place." This role, by the way, has brought great glory to Selena. She became a leading actress of Disney.

Big Screen
In 2008, he appeared on the screen the movie "Another Cinderella Story". There Selena got the main role. And it was a really big role. On the day of the premiere of the film looked more than 5 million people.

In the same year the magazine "Forbes" named Selena Gomez is one of the coolest star-children. In 2009, the girl its fame as a full-length movie on the television series "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie."

Together with his team, called «Selena Gomez & the Scene» Selena Gomez in autumn 2009, released their debut album «Kiss & Tell». One of the songs from the album, namely «One and the same» included in the collection «Pop it, rock it». Along with the song by Selena, you can hear the songs of Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, different soundtracks. By the way, Selena songs catchy and bright. Producer Ted Bruner, songwriters Gina Shock, Tim James and Antonina Armata, as well as group The Scene Selena added vocal incendiary and audacity. She admits that it's her first record, and she would like that everything would sound amazing. The music you can hear the drums in conjunction with the guitar.

At the same time funny and passionate songs. For example, the song «Falling Down» and «I Don`tmissyouat all» full of feminine ridicule, but the song «I Won`t appologize» (by the way, she became a co-author), song of self-affirmation. "Girls my age are constantly changing to become like the other" - says the singer. "Change - for guys or to look like a popular group of people. This song is sung, just about the fact that you're not going to apologize for the fact that you're so in fact. " But the slow ballad «The Way I Love You» and «I Promise you» - a love relationship. Next song «As A Blond», «I GotU, Crush» and «StopandErase» Woman rid of sentimentality and converted into an experimental rockers.

In 2010, Gomez got the main role in the film "Monte Carlo" and "Ramona and Beezus". In the same year the actress voiced Princess selenium in the film "Arthur and the Two Worlds War" by Luc Besson. In addition, she was invited as a star in the 13th season in the series 1 series "Sonny with a Chance." It is worth noting that the actress is engaged in charity. It is supported by the UNICEF. In 2009, she was named the youngest member of the fund in the history of its existence.

Selena often seen in advertisements. After a series about a girl advertised Barney family restaurant and toys. Now she has released her own line of clothing for young people «Dream Out Loud» and starred in advertising the brand of milk «Borden».

Personal life
At 12-years old Selena Gomez wearing "purity ring". He put all the girls state in accordance with the common tradition. This means that she made a promise to keep her virginity until the wedding night. However, as it became known to the media, in spring 2011 the actress took off her ring. In January 2011, Selena Gomez received threats via Twitter from Justin Bieber fans. They began to arrive after the network appeared photos of Selena and Justin kissing.

Selena Gomez loves animals. In her house lives five dogs. In June 2011, Selena urgently hospitalized with terrible headaches and nausea after taking part in a show called «The Tonight Show». A few days later I find out the cause of disease - the girl became ill due to food poisoning and physical exhaustion.

Selena Gomez


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While working on the second season of Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez appeared on the Disney Channel special Studio DC: Almost Live alongside various other Disney stars. [47] She contributed a cover of the song "Cruella de Vil" to the compilation album DisneyMania 6,[48] and later recorded the original song "Fly to Your Heart" for the soundtrack of the animated film Tinker Bell. [49] At 16 years of age, Gomez was signed to a recording contract with the Hollywood Records label. [50][51] Gomez formed her own production company in 2008, which she called July Moon Productions. [52][53] She partnered with XYZ Films for the project, giving Gomez the opportunity to option articles, hire writers and create talent packages to shop to studios. [54][55] Gomez was slated to release two films under the company. The first, titled What Boys Want, with Gomez as a girl who could hear the thoughts of men. [56] She later announced a film adaptation of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, in which she was to play a young girl who commits suicide; ultimately, neither film was released,[57] though Gomez would later executive produce a television adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why. [58]